I gave my resignation notice at work on Monday. This is the first time I've ever really quit something come to think of it. And my bosses were even pretty cool about it. Both my project manager and the president gave me a solid 3 seconds of confused stare when I told them, "I'm handing in my resignation so that my wife and I can take a year long sabbatical." I'm glad that once I explained the plan a little further their reaction was that our plan is awesome, and that they wish they had done/could do the same thing. Its just a good thing Lauren convinced me that we need to live our life by our own schedule and do things like this while we still can. She's the best wife ever.


  1. woohoo!!! so happy for you. way to stick it to the man.

  2. Do they even know what a work sabbatical is the US? Congrats man. Doin it big!!

    1. If they didn't know what a sabbatical was before, they do now! Just doing my service to educate the populace.

  3. Sad to hear they accepted your letter of resignation without protest... Sabbatical... chocolate sprinkles on the vanilla ice cream. Sabbatical... a semester of paid leave granted when the research proposal was deemed worthy of study and travel... Your dad worked hard to take us all along on sabbaticals or teaching exchanges. Jay, your first...Canada, age 2 months and for Jeremy, we celebrated his 3rd birthday; Norway was the time of your 3rd birthday and Jeremy, turned 6 upon our return to Kansas; Poland, age 9 for you and Jeremy celebrated his 12th year; Estonia, age 16 and Jeremy turned 19. For you, age 20-21 in Germany, your junior year of university study, followed by summer of work in Munich.
    Yes, we agree... it was a great day for us all when Lauren came into your life and ours... and together you have traveled to Mexico, Spain, Italy, & Germany. Sabbatical... rewarding experiences, enlightened perspectives, recognizing connections, renewed enthusiasm, goodwill ambassadors, and new friendships, followed by a lifetime of fond memories. We look forward to sharing your experiences back home as you text and image the journey on this blog.