Dreading Hikes and Dreadlocks

Well we survived another day and it wasn't all that bad after all. Don't get me wrong: it was hard, it hurt, and it took us 8.5 hours of hiking, but I think that being mentally prepared for it all by absolutely dreading the day's hike just made it that much easier.

As far as dreadlocks are concerned, we've been using this all natural lye soap called Dr. Bronners for everything (body, hair, clothes) and we think our hair is just going to turn into dreadlocks if we don't get some real shampoo soon. Other items of note: a dog literally eating human shit; walking by sunflower fields, vineyards and blackberry thickets, taking samples of all; walking across a real draw bridge and a 1000 year old stone bridge; playing word games on the trail to keep our minds off the pain. Also, walking the longest single distance in one day of our lives.


  1. it's totally fine with me if you guys have dreads at our wedding! :)

  2. A field of blackberry thickets... telephones or fruit? Awesome on the stone bridge and drawbridge...into a fortress? Okay, Dr. Bronners soap is off my list. Glad to hear how things are going and sorry to miss seeing you two on the live webcam - stuck on the 7th of September, darn it. Also, more sage advice... I will definitely think twice before letting a dog lick my face...