Time Warp

Its totally crazy that I feel like I was just writing about having 100 miles left. That seemed like so much when I wrote it too! Well now we're going to be in Santiago in 2 days. Its like we've been accelerating through time and space. We have actually been accelerating though space somewhat. In the last 3 days we covered 58 miles. Never thought I would be able to do that. I think the most we ever covered in 3 days earlier in the Camino was maybe 45 miles. If you would have told me that I would be walking this much before the Camino, I wouldn't have even believed you. I knew it was like 500 miles to walk, but really had no idea what that meant. Now, only 25 miles shy of our goal, we have a little better idea. 

Our last days have been fun and not fun. Let's start with the not fun part first. We had heard that it rains a lot in Galicia. Well we stepped about 500 ft over the boarder and it started to rain. It hasn't really stopped since then. Not hard rain, but a solid on and off drizzle. We also haven't been feeling great. Lauren got all dizzy and disoriented on the trail yesterday. I think it was from a combination of taking Valerian root to try to sleep better and wine. Anyway, she felt better after a few hours. I've also not been feeling great. I would imagine it has something to do with walking 20 miles a day and wine. Too much wine! 

Which brings us to the fun part! Wine! And friends to drink with. Our walks have been a laugh a minute walking with our Camino family. Camino Clown, Dean, never let's it rest. We've also been playing "I've got a business." Which generally goes something like: 

"I've got a business."
"What's you're business?"
"I sell vacuum cleaners."
"How's that going for you?"
"It sucks."

Ha! Its basically a bad pun game that Tom of London taught us. It does get rather hilarious sometimes, but maybe that's just the haze of endorphins talking. We need to assemble all of our best ones to see what our masses of readers think. Its really been a lot of fun walking and drinking and joking together though. And in 2 days, the party is on for real in Santiago!

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