Let the Packing Begin

Yes, those are all glasses and books.
We finally have our storage unit leased as of today and took our first loads of stuff down today. The last week has be a slightly depressing, slightly exciting bout of packing. Mostly what we have packed up has been my rather excessive collections of beer glasses and antique books. Yes, I chose to collect the two most impractical thinks, and the two most difficult things to move. Sometimes I think, why didn't I get into collecting stamps? Packing books into boxes has to be one of the most frustrating things ever. Every time I pulled out another good sized box I think, "Ok now this one is going to hold a bunch of books!" Of course, every time I only fit like 8 books in and have to wrap it up. And then it still weights like 30 lbs.

All this is going on right as I'm mourning the loss of my basement brewery as well. It's not died though, just moved on to a better place. That is, to my homebrewer friend's house for long term brewing use. Gotta keep the beer flowing. Although it is truly the end of an era. Centuries from now, they may recreate my brewery in a museum to illustrate my humble brewing beginnings. But seriously, I brewed a lot of damn beer down there (2200 bottles of beer and 130 bottles of wine give or take a few) and I'm going to miss it.

I had kind of a terrifying thought the other day in the midst of all this going on. We're not going to have a home in about a month. Of all the adventures I've been on, I've always had a home to come back to with my bed in it to sleep in. Its not as if we're really going to be homeless, since we know where we're going to be staying, but its just that I won't have that place to come back to that has everything set up just how I want it. My bed, my living room with my recliner, my basement brewery stocked with any number of impractical beer glasses.

Its also just such an exciting time though. We're going to be free of our possessions and obligations a month from now, as we set off on a real adventure. I don't really know whats going to happen on it; I do know it's going to be awesome though. I guess these contradictory feelings of fear, sadness, joy and excitement are pretty much the nature of all things worth doing.

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