The Parents Are In!

I was so looking forward to my parents arrival and must say we had the best of times.  For starters, they showed up with a car load of goodies.  Now we have an entire fridge full of fresh produce.  Yessss!  We spent our days touring the area and evenings relaxing with good food and games.

Relaxing by the fire.

Rocco saying hello during our walk.

We walked the loop and were accompanied by Rocco, yes, we have finally confirmed from the Judge's wife that this is in fact the big white dog's name.  We also toured the ski resort and had a look inside the old ski shop.  Mom's feet nearly froze off but we got in some good photo opportunities and had a nice look around.  

Cuchra Pass

A handsome view!

A brief snowfall passed through leaving a couple inches of fresh powder on the ground.  We first attempted to drive to Cuchara Pass in our Toyota. With a little coaxing (getting out and pushing the car) we were able to get our little front wheel drive safely back to the garage.  Thank goodness we had my dad's four wheel drive to get us up to the pass.  After blowing through some snow drifts we made it to the lookout for some mountain views.  We decided to visit the Dog Bar for their Sunday chicken fried steak special and the Ryus Ave. Bakery in LaVeta.  Both were good, but resort prices still remain even though there's not much of a resort left.

Posing in LaVeta after checking out some of the shops.

Lobster feast anyone?
Cooking up a storm...
a storm of lobster that is!
Our evening meals were simply gourmet thanks to Mom and Dad.  We had a delicious taco dinner and even a lobster feast!  Talk about the good life.  This past week was surely it.  We swapped music, stories, and played some serious games of dice, backgammon, and spades.  In fact, I almost feel the need to catch up on some sleep after our late night card games.  I'm not sure if they did it on purpose, but they left the backgammon board with us, so now we can brush up on our skills for our next group of visitors.  We'll bring it back to KC in March!  This has been an action packed few weeks thanks to our family and friends.  We've had so much to look forward to and are so glad everyone has been able to share a little part of our sabbatical with us.  This whole thing really is flying by way too fast, but I feel like we've seen, done, and enjoyed so much more than we ever anticipated.  Thanks to you all!

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