The Beach!

We're back on the road again and how good it is. We had a great time in Kansas City for the weekend. It was great to see all of our friends at Green Room on Saturday night and see the family at Thai Place on Sunday night. We also had an awesome surprise on Monday--the Alabama Shakes show that had been sold out for ages was rescheduled from Sunday night to Monday night and they had tickets available again. So we got to go with Lauren's dad and Camino Kaitlin who was also in KC last weekend. Bonus!

As a side note, we also got all of our errands done too. What a pain it is, being back in the real world. Taxes, banking, doctors, car maintenance...I suppose its good to have to deal with stuff like this every once in a while to appreciate just how great it is to be free like we are right now.

On Tuesday we hit off for the east and made the long drive to Atlanta. Our friend, Katie Pope, was gracious enough to let us stay at her house there, and even made us an awesome dinner. I think we also convinced her to come visit us in Colorado once we get back. Then the next morning we were off to Panama City Beach to visit Lauren's grandparents. They rent a condo right off the beach--nine stories above the beach with an amazing ocean view. Its gonna be hard to beat, but I have a feeling that the Bahamas will give it a run for its money.

Another awesome thing about being at sea level is that we're like super people. We went to the condo gym this morning and I couldn't do a thing to get myself breathing heavy. No matter what we do, I never have to breath hard. Guess those months of dying for breath at 9000' is finally paying off. We also got a couple of miles in along the beach. We even saw a couple of jellyfish. Its the little things that excite me.

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