Home on the Range - Now In Color!

Just a quick follow up to that last post--shiny color pictures of some of the projects going on out there.

Old sickle, new edge. 
Mowing the lawn...pioneer style. Except for the hair, I guess.
Our water purification operation. The bucket in the front catches the spring water coming from a buried pipe, and the orange buckets in the back are the biosand filter, found here in its native habitat. In this picture I'm filling the solar water heater with filtered water. Sure beats showering in dirty lake water!  
Bucket getting the spring water. 
Hi-tech water heater. Works surprisingly well based on the low expectations set by its appearance. 
Solar shower. 
Yep, that's a rubbermaid cooler with a valve installed on it. That hose leads down to the shower head. If I fill the cooler the night before with ~115 deg F water, it will be around ~90 deg F in the morning. We usually shower at night anyway though because getting into bed after sweating for 15 hours isn't very pleasant. 

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  1. Pictures are great showing all the living improvements! However, swinging that pioneer sickle is not what I want to see either of you doing... that is not what defined the "good old days" but one of the chores they loved getting rid of...