Jay is back at work and I am soon to follow starting next week.  After being together nearly twenty four hours a day for the past nine months, getting back into our work schedules and the time spent apart is taking some getting used to.  Let's just say I miss him a lot which is being reflected in the elaborate lunches that I have been packing him for work each day.  I guess I'm hoping that extra snack sized Snickers bar helps him through the day too.  When we were fresh out of college we both had job offers at each others companies and made the decision to work at separate employers as to not complicate our new relationship.  At the time we didn't see it as an excellent opportunity for more time together, but now I'd like to think we could have made it work.  I have faith that we'll soon get over our separation issues and get back in to the swing of this big city life.

Now that we're back in the city we're working on finding a more permanent place to live.  We shared a town home for 3 years and are ready to graduate to home ownership.  The deal isn't done yet, but we've found a gem in Prairie Village that we're hoping to close on in about a month.  It's been pretty difficult not to plan our whole future including paint colors in the house while we wait for the closing date to approach.  It's well suited for entertaining and I've got a myriad of party ideas that I can't help but dream about.  Our fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly until we seal the deal.

Did I mention that it is a mid century modern style home with awesome potential for a danish modern interior?  Yes, that means we'll be searching for those awesome 1950's pieces at thrift stores and garage sales when the time comes.  Meanwhile, I'll be daydreaming about teak chairs and waiting for Jay to get home from work.

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