Samson's Power

Well, it finally happened. Nearly two years to the day, I've gotten a hair cut. The last hair cut I got was about a week before our wedding. (Note to self: two year anniversary approaching.) Luckily for me, my strength doesn't appear to be connected to the length of my hair. On the contrary, it has allowed me to work and sweat indefinitely without dealing with hair ties, brushes, or hats. It also only takes me about 3 minutes to shower in the morning now. (And since we have an awesome 1.5 gal/min shower head, thats only 4.5 gallons of water. Bam!) Hopefully my super soft luxurious hair will now make some kid super happy when they get a sweet prosthetic hair piece made out of my two little pig tails (well, maybe not that little, they are a foot long).

I'm free!
Hair sure is weird when it's not on your head. 


  1. Awesome Jay, finally!!!! You look so much better sir

    1. Thanks, Robert! You'll have to come up and see it in person soon...we've even got a real guest bed for you to sleep in! It still has stuff piled on it, but it can be cleaned off in a jiffy.