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I've been thinking lately that a more appropriate blog title for the current phase of our life would be "Aber & In".  We've settled in to the 8-5 routine, bought a house, and baby number one is on the way.  While life as we know it will change forever as we enter parenthood, we're still looking forward to getting out and experiencing the world with our kiddo in new and different ways than our previous globe trekking, off the grid, late night techno music fueled adventures.  We've decided to share our thoughts and family updates with the world through this blog in an effort to veer away from Facebook as a platform to share all our news.  Not to say there won't be a flood of pictures and Facebook baby bragging going on at first, but I think ultimately blogging will provide a classier, more therapeutic, and concise online presence for our family.

With baby Rose due in December I will be taking a break from engineering and trying out motherhood as a career for the time being.   It's quite possible we'll initially have a big pause in blog updates while I try to figure that role out.  Our life is going to change in so many unforeseen ways we just want to step back, soak it all in, and tackle the challenges as they come.  Luckily the baby wave is ebbing all around us and we've got lots of friends and family with little ones ready to see our ship off with full sails of experience, help, and advice.  This is going to be one exciting voyage.  Yikes the sailing references!...we are currently reading Treasure Island aloud at night and it is clearly on my brain.

The pregnancy has been surprisingly pleasant so far despite all of the worries and fears that come along with growing a human inside your stomach.  What I can gather from my birth club forum on TheBump.com is that I am one of the lucky ones that the other moms love to hate for having such an easy pregnancy.  No complaints here!  I also stopped reading said pregnancy forums about half way through my pregnancy.  No need for the naysayers and constant paranoia wondering if you are doing everything right.

We're trying to enjoy these last six weeks and get everything in order as much as possible.  Hopefully this means lots of dates, taking advantage of as much free sleep and shower time as possible, and getting some freezer meals made.  I got a slight curve ball being diagnosed with gestational diabetes so we'll be adjusting to that whole rigmarole too.  Nothing like being on a diet for your last month of pregnancy and Thanksgiving.  All that aside, we are looking forward to what will be the BEST Christmas ever.  I've really been on the fence about putting up our Christmas decorations this year knowing that I'd be taking them down in a sleep deprived stupor with a one month old on my tit.  However, I think we'll just do it so we can enjoy the full splendor of the season in our home since we may not be getting out all that much.  Just don't be shocked if you find the tree still up when you visit in July.

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  1. Nice post and pictures. Holiday decorations can be up as long as you want to make each day as special as the day Rose arrives.