Anniversary & Camino Packing

I remembered to get a Rose!
Look at what a good husband I am.
Monday was our 1 year wedding anniversary! There were many exchanges of niceties and flowers and cards in addition to light supping and sipping of homemade foods and wines. We chose not to do anything too over the top, and instead focused on our final packing for the Camino.

Of course, Lauren's parents did take us to Fogo de Chao on Sunday for dinner where I proceeded to stuff myself so full of beef and pork and chicken and various cured meats and cheeses that I nearly got to taste it all a second time after dinner. I'm starting to believe that Brazilian steak houses are instruments of the devil; however, I'm sure I will be going back as soon as the after-dinner memory fades and all that I can remember is how awesome it all was when I was still eating the steaks. So needless to say, we weren't really in the mood for another feast. Of course, Lauren still made the perfect dinner of pasta with venison sauce.

2 year old homemade riesling and venison pasta sauce.
My last bottle of riesling that I made 2 years ago in the fall. And damn was it good, if I do say so myself.
Anyways, speaking of our packing, we've nearly got our final list together. We're sitting about 25 lbs on my back (including food & water), and about 23 lbs for Lauren. This is about where we were aiming for at the beginning, but we're only able to get our weight down this far by taking our our tent and sleeping pads. We wanted to take our tent and camp as much as possible, but the more we hear from other pilgrims, it sounds like we would only be able to realistically camp 4 or 5 nights of the 35 night trip. Most of the land around the Camino is private or protected wilderness where camping is not allowed. So we figured that a couple more nights in albergues was a fair trade for 4 lbs of gear.

If you're interested, we've got a spreadsheet of our packing list that includes every bit of stuff we're taking with us. Only 2 pairs of underwear for 42 days! Going to be a lot of clothes washing happening on the trail...

Anyone see anything that we left off the list? Or things that we could probably do without?


  1. Looks a little light on the water bottles to me.

  2. Well they say that you don't need to take much water since the villages are spaced only a couple miles apart in most places. Although, I'm thinking I might throw in one more nalgene just in case. That would give me and Lauren enough volume to carry about 4 liters, which I think should be good for about 6 miles in hot weather. What do you think?