The Time is Now

Now is not the time for severe sinus/allergy congestion to keep me or my husband up these precious few minutes before our 3 am alarm goes off.  I would expect the excited anticipation to keep me tossing and turning all night (which it has), but this constant flow of guck from my nose is just plain annoying.  And so there shall be this final blog post before our departure while I  try to give Jay a few extra minutes of nose blowing sniffle free sleep upstairs.

Everything is packed and ready by the door.  Our last meal was of course Thai Place.  Though I'm sad to report that "Thai Tuesday" has been discontinued.  This is probably a good thing for our long term health and fitness goals.  The fridge is all cleaned out with only enough milk left for our morning bowl of cereal.  I hope the fact that I am awake now will mean a good hard sleep on my international flight. 

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