8 hour Layovers & English IPAs

So here I am sitting in Philly international for my 8 hour layover just thinking how nice an 8 hour layover can be. I spent most of my day today sitting in a rocking chair next to a life sized Lego reproduction of the Liberty Bell. Pretty random.

Also not expected was getting an awesome tasting and reasonably priced philly cheese steak sandwich at Chickie's & Pete's sports bar. Apparently its like the best sports bar in the country. Thanks ESPN. They did have Victory IPA on tap and Dogfish head 60 minute IPA in bottles though which I am very grateful for. And I have to say, the 60 IPA is most definitely not an American IPA. It IS the best English IPA I've ever had though. Beer nerds.... Anyway, the beers were only $5.50 which kind of blows my mind since thats the same price as Guinness at the shitty sports bar down the street from my place in KC.

So all in all, I got in some seriously depressing Tolstoy stories rraf, awesome beer drank, good food eaten, and free WiFi to accommodate my internet ramblings. Beyond the minor distractions of the TSA's security theater, flying is still awesome.

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