Camino Pictures!

So the moment has finally come that I'm sure you were all waiting for...we finally uploaded all of our pictures! So now you can see where we were walking all those days that I endlessly complained about feet, knees, showers, getting sick, etc. Although oddly enough, we seem to be smiling in most all of our pictures. Suck it up for the camera!

We tried to whittle them down pretty far, but there are still a whole bunch of them. Almost 1000 actually.... But come on, thats only 2 pictures per mile! And when you're wondering who is going to look through all of these, just think of the moms of the world who want to see all of your pictures. At least we split them up into different albums for your convenient viewing pleasure! So here we go, in chronological order on the trail (click on the title or picture to go to the album).

Pyrenees Mountains


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  1. I have now seen all your photos and it amazes me that sometimes we must have stood on exactly the same spot a day or more apart. Lots of great stuff in there Jay. Even some quite passable ones of me..