Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

What are we looking forward to most this Christmas?

The Christmas Eve pajama party in Emporia. Mom’s Christmas Day smorgasbord with Deuce “sitting pretty” hoping to get some scraps. Grandma Brown’s rendition of Silent Night on the electric keyboard with the brown family crooning in perfect harmony. The post meal nap in Grandpa and Grandma Chrisman’s basement with the football game on. Decorating cookies with Sarah and Rachel and the naughty Santa or reindeer that always sneaks into the bunch. Ellie’s beautiful buffet and Grandpa’s exquisitely stocked bar. The fabulous baking skills and old Mennonite recipes a la Amy. The expertly tinseled tree on Oak Street. The Kenny Loggins album cover at the Aber’s and his “Celebrate Me Home” blasting through the stereo at the Brown’s. The search for the pickle. Mom's perfect Christmas tree. All things canned or pickled courtesy of Tom and Beth. Food, drink, family, and fun.

To better enjoy what we love most about Christmas, we have decided to adopt a family in need instead of purchasing gifts for our friends and family this year. Also, as we prepare to pack our entire townhome into a storage unit, we don’t want the added material bulk that usually comes at Christmas time. While we appreciate the fun of presenting and opening presents we hope that everyone will share a delicious meal and make some memories with us instead of the usual gift exchange. With less time spent shopping for the masses I'm looking forwarding to experimenting with some new holiday recipes to try out at our family gatherings and Jay will be working hard in our brewery so that we can all imbibe in some holiday cheer.

We'll be adopting a family in need from the Don Bosco center this year and will have the opportunity to take wrapped gifts and a holiday meal directly to their home. We are really excited about participating in this program and encourage you all to do the same if you are able. If you wish to contribute to our adopted family to make their Christmas even more bountiful please let us know and we can pass along their wish list information or holiday meal menu.

Peace and love to you all this holiday season!