Huffing & Puffing

I think we are finally getting acclimated to this 9,000 foot elevation.  After running up and down two flights of stairs the past couple of days getting things cleaned, organized, and painted I'm not totally out of breath and dying as I was the first week out.  Hopefully all that huffing and puffing is behind us.  Also, the high altitude cooking hasn't caused any major blow outs or burn outs in the kitchen.  All of my baked goods have come out edible.

Lumberjack Jay in front of one of the mansion cabins on our morning walk.
Just like the Camino, you often meet strangers to walk with along the way.  We'll bring treats next time for this one.
The weather forecast for the next 5 plus days is sunny and in the 50's.  The snow is almost completely melted in the surrounding forest and mountains and will surely be gone in the next week.  This is an exciting prospect for us as we anticipated deep snow for our entire stay limiting us to only snow shoeing.  Now, we'll be able to make lots of hikes to farther and higher summits.  We plan to hike to the top of the abandoned ski resort very soon.

We had a nice morning walk with a furry friend.  Jay made breakfast and we'll be sad to see the griddle go when Jay's parents get the new stove they ordered.

Look at those egg frying skills at work!
The rustic Egg McMuffin.  Put that on your Dollar Menu.

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