Day One Down!

 Operation cat hair removal is in full effect.  We spent most of our first full day in Cuchara vacuuming and organizing.  It's been really exciting taking inventory of our pantry goods and getting them shelved and organized for use.  I'm looking forward to the challenge of making our staples stretch and trying new recipes with all of the food we brought out.  We stopped on our way into town to pick up milk, eggs, and butter.  I think we'll have a good long run before needing to get groceries again.  Soon Jay will be beginning his cheese making and I have lots of dishes in mind for the soft cheeses he'll be starting out with.  I have a feeling many of my blog posts will center around what we eat, as cooking is something I really enjoy.  So here it goes with our first meal at Cuchara: Ham and bean soup with corn bread muffins. 

These are not from scratch because you just can't beat a Jiffy mix.
Ham bone, white beans, and a little canned corn.
Dinner for the next 3 nights!
These are not as good as my mom makes, but I've got plenty of beans to work with as I try to reach that goal.  For dessert I made macaroons drizzled with chocolate.  They weren't very pretty but sure hit the spot.

Aber & Out

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