Epic Excursions

Posing at the natural history museum.
Gandolf came down on Salt Lake hard yielding the biggest single snowfall event I have ever witnessed. The storm started while Tracy was guiding us on an off trail snow shoeing excursion. The ascent was brutal and Tracy graciously took lots of brakes so that we could catch up. All the huffing and puffing was worth it when we reached the top with giant snowflakes falling and great views of moose territory. I only had a couple falls in the deep snow on the way down. By the time we reached the trail again our tracks up were already covered with fresh accumulation. We carefully made the drive home as the snow began to pile up.

Sampling beers at Epic Brewery.
We continued our beer research with a trip to Epic brewery for a private sampling. After trying nearly all the beers that the brewery had to offer you can imagine just how epic the rest of our evening was. Needless to say, many of the Epic brand brews made the final beer list for Cucina.

Another epic excursion to add to the list was our visit to the Salt Lake City Natural History Museum. It happened to be a free entry day so we made it a point to check it out. The displays were awesome and it was so great to see a dinosaur exhibit populated by fossils almost exclusively found within the state of Utah. Also, with Dean's mayoral connections he was able to get us a meeting with the exhibit designer for the museum. This introduction allowed us a behind the scenes look at the exhibits and how they were put together.

The evolution of Man.
A moccasin exhibit at the museum.

After some long nights out and days filled with activity we were thrilled to cap off our visit to Salt Lake with a movie night in to watch "The Way", the film about the Camino, with our fellow pilgrims. This led to a lot of reflection about our trip and made it even sadder to leave the next morning.  We're so lucky to have met such lovely friends along the Way and were overwhelmed by their their limitless hospitality during our week long stay.

Before leaving Utah we decided to swing by the town of Beaver to hit up the free ski day at Eagle Point resort. I was surprised at how quickly the sport came back to me and couldn't believe what mad skills my husband has. It was totally worth the full body soreness during the 10 hour drive back to Cuchara the next day.

We've now arrived back at the condo and are ready to get settled in. We'll post some live action video of the ski trip soon.

Aber & Out

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