Reunited and it feels so good

After a lovely first night in Salt Lake spent sampling beers at Red Rock brewery we are now settled in with Dean and Tracy. We arrived to their fabulous condo and were treated to an outstanding local beer selection and a supper of catfish and beans a la Dean. The sweet and spicy dish was out of this world. Jay is having a ball analyzing all the local brews and making beer plans with Dean for the deli. Oh the deli! As I sit here and write the locals are streaming in for their morning coffee at Cucina deli. This is the sort of place I could sit and enjoy myself all day. Resisting the spaghetti pie, shrimp salad, and lemon bars behind the big glass counter may be difficult as all are works of art that add to a gallery of delicacies that are offered here. We have had two fine and fresh meals here so far and can't wait to indulge in a couple more. I will sorely miss this gem of a restaurant when we leave.

Today Tracy is taking us to her favorite snow shoeing spot in Park City where we'll be doing some off trail bushwhacking. Pair that with a visit to Shades of Pale brewery and it's looking to be another awesome day.

A big hug and hello to everyone back home. Miss you all!

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