The Lost Camino Footage

Much as archaeologists discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls thousands of years later in a cave, we have discovered some lost footage of our Camino buried in a cave of SD cards. Maybe the anthropological significance doesn't quite stack up, but hey, it was a pretty cool find in the Aber household. (Now if we could just do an archaeological dig to find our silverware that has gone missing in the move...)

So on the advent of our Caminoversary, we thought we would post them. They were both pretty early on in the Camino, taken on September 13th & 14th of last year. That was around the time when we were figuring out what the Camino was all about, and when our hair started dredding out. The first video is a tour of the most awesome Albergue, the Casa Paderborn in Pamplona. Then we've got a video of the trail just before we hit Alto del Perdon. I would rate our hike from Pamplona up Alto del Perdon and down into Pueta la Reine as one of my favorites. The landscape was amazing, we got our first taste (literally) of the vineyards to come in la Rioja, and it just seemed like a nice hike. The end of the day was kind of shit, though, because the amazing looking medieval albergue in Pueta la Reine was full, and we had to walk an extra half mile out of town to get to the next one. But it wasn't all for naught, because at that albergue we met some awesome peregrinos like Heinz-Peter (yes, that was his first name), who had already biked 1000 miles from Germany to Spain and then was going to walk another 500 to Santiago and Nurse Rosey who solved my knee problems. Anyways, enough of my blathering, here are the videos!

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