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Well what do you know. This whole blogging thing seems as if it's panning out. Looks like I'll be writing for the KC Beer Blog now. The current manager of the blog was just too busy to keep it all going by himself, so he put out a call for contributors. There are three of us new guys that will be blogging away about beer now. One guy will handle all the brewery news and new beer releases, one guy will be talking about homebrew news and community, and then...there's me.

I guess I'm just going to be writing about whatever brews up in my head. The staff opinionator, I suppose. Which, when I consider I should probably actually write something once a week or so, it's a pretty daunting task. It's easy to write whenever something pops into my head, but to coax words out of the depths of my mind on command? That's just a whole different deal. So I call on all of you out there! Give me ideas and ask me questions! About beer, brewing, or...whatever!

You can see my first post here!

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