The Aber Taphouse

It's been a while, Internet Friends. We haven't posted much lately not for lack of goings on, but frankly because there's just been too much going on. Not to bore you too much with all the details, but the house is starting to look much more like a home ahead of Lauren's baby shower that she is hosting there for our friend next weekend. This was always the big deadline to get lots of our projects done so that the house looks presentable to a bunch of random relatives and friends of friends. Now that we're just a week off though, things are finally seeming somewhat manageable. The patio floor has been grinded clean of ancient carpet glue and sealed, the house has been painted, lawn seeded, artwork hung, and furniture arranged. Just FYI, I'm pretty much a pro at grinding concrete now. So if anyone needs help with any grinding work, I'll be at home, screening your phone calls and hiding from you. Let me know.

The most important thing to take place was the installation of some new outlets in the utility room so that the kegerator could be plugged in. The house officially became a home as homebrewed beer was first tapped about a week ago. Only the garage and the shed still make it look like we're hoarders. I think about this every time I'm tooling around in the garage with the door open and some perfect looking family scowls at our disorder from the sidewalk over the top of their stroller and german shepard. Well, maybe they're only scowling in my mind. Our neighbors seem pretty great for the most part.

My biggest concern at this point is now that our deadline will soon be passed, all those other things on the to-do list are just going to float away, never to be finished. Then again, maybe this is the essence of owning a home: the ability have selective vision and simply not notice anything wrong with the house. Maybe some day I will get bored and just start working on the list. I find this unlikely at least until after the new year though, as I think I've had enough home improvement work for at least the next couple of months. And afterall, its brewing season, hunting season, and holiday season. Which basically means...it's drinking season! (AFTER the hunt, anyway.)

I know it's foamy, damn it! I was in a hurry!

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